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Only one artist showing up on the Top tab artist section

Feb 13 at 12:26pm CET
Affected services
Production API
Beta API

Feb 13 at 01:15pm CET

The artists on the top page are now starting to show up correctly, and if it doesn't, it should be in less than an hour.

Feb 13 at 01:04pm CET

We have identified the issue to be on Spotify's side; the Spotify Web API is returning all the same IDs for all the artists, but the URLs they provide for the artists are correct.

So we are switching to using the IDs from the URLs to temporarily fix the issue till Spotify can fix it on their side.

The artists should start showing up correctly in 10-30 mins.

Feb 13 at 12:26pm CET

Users using the Spotify Algorithm sort setting currently get shown only one random artist.